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[GPL] Free Download WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.8.8

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Update; Today, we made the WP Rocket Premium plugin available for free download to anyone. WP Rocket Premium Plugin is not a hacked or nulled version. WP Rocket Premium Plugin is one of the most common cache cleaner plugins on the market.

It’s simply a killer! Although being a fan of W3 Total Cache, WordPress Rocket outperforms it and has persuaded me. It assists in the improvement of website efficiency and user interface with little effort.

WP Rocket, on the other hand, isn’t yet another cache mod. It has a lot of features that make it more than just a free cache plugin. This plugin has a variety of modification options, including media optimization, pre-loading, lazy-loading, database optimization, and more.

It’s also compatible with all of the most common plugins, including Yoast SEO, Cloudflare, Sucuri, and several others.

[Changelog] What’s New in WP Rocket v3.8.8

  • Enhancement: Use font-display:swap in both processed CSS and Google Fonts.
  • The definition of the Never Cache Cookies Textarea has been revised to clarify that partial matches are permissible.
  • When Mod Pagespeed is activated, a warning is shown telling customers that it is likely to interfere with WP Rocket.
  • WP Rocket CLI integration has been improved.
  • Additional inline Javascript exclusions from combine JS have been implemented.
  • Additional defer JS exclusions have been added.
  • Fix: When the picture element doesn’t have a source element, PHP throws an error.
WP Rocket Premium Plugin
WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.8.8

Information of the WP Rocket Free Download Upgrade

File Name: WP Rocket

Latest Version v3.8.8

File Type 100% Clean GPL

Post Published on 04.07.2021

Post Updated On 04.07.2021

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A few more facts about wp rocket

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01. Caching of web sites

Caching reduces the time it takes for a page to load, which is critical for boosting SEO and increasing conversions. When you enable WordPress Rocket, website caching is enabled right away.

02. Compression of Static Files

WordPress Rocket minifies the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to make them lighter. Images that are lighter take less time to launch.

03. Preloading the cache

Since our crawler simulates a visit in order to preload the cache, search engines index the website more quickly.

04. IMages on Demand

Photos are only loaded when the user scrolls down the tab, reducing page load time. This method is used by YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and other big websites. Yours will now as well.

05. Friendly to Developers

The coding for WordPress rocket was written using WordPress best practices. It’s well-organized, well-documented, and full of hooks, allowing developers to quickly customize it.

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A few more facts about This Wonder full Plugin

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  • The new Stationmaster JS URL will not be merged with the JavaScript choice.
  • Improved AMP compatibility with the AMP plugin, which now uses the? amp parameter to dynamically cache URLs.
  • The “Combine Google Fonts” option has been renamed to “Optimize Google Fonts,” and the definition has been updated, as this option now does more than just combine.
  • Enhancement: When using the “Optimize Google Fonts” option, add a pre-connect request to fonts.gstatic.com to boost Google fonts loading speed.
  • CDN Compatibility
  • Setup and configuration are quick.
  • Usage does not necessitate any technological expertise.
  • Works on a wide range of websites.
  • Settings that are easy to understand
  • On installation, the suggested settings are automatically activated.
  • Photos, iFrames, and videos that are slow
  • File optimization is beneficial.
  • Support for file compression
  • Cache lifetime can be customized.
  • You can use this feature to pre-fetch DNS requests.
  • Choice to force a cache refresh
  • Pages are preloaded.
  • URLs from sitemaps are preloaded.

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